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How to make dry hand sanitizer from essential oils

Apart from wearing masks, you also need to wash your hands frequently to be able to protect yourself from the Corona-Virus. As you probably already know, the Corona-Virus is not only affecting the people but is also affecting the economy; because of this many places and businesses decide to increase their price by 2-3 times compared to a normal day. So here, we help you by showing you how to create your own hand sanitizer using essential oils. We ensure you that it is safe, simple, and will save you money from having to buy from pharmacies.


  • 10g Aloe-Vera Gel
  • 5g organic Glycerin.
  • 5 drops of Vitamin E
  • 5ml of Ethanol 70%
  • 2ml of Hydrosol solution. You can get this at a pharmacy.
  • 10 drops of any of our KODO oils (preferably citrus smells)
  • Clean, portable spray bottle
  • A beaker or something to mix the ingredients in


  1. Take your beaker and create the Base, consisting of the Aloe-Vera Gel + Ethanol 70% + Glycerin + Hydrosol + Vitamin E.
  2. Then, take your chosen fragrance oil and add it to the base. Stir well.
  3. Take your finished mixture and pour it carefully into your spray bottle.

There you have it, your own homemade hand sanitizer. You can use your hand sanitizer on any surface to clean anything, e.g.: Your keyboard, remote control, phone... The Aloe-Vera Gel and Vitamin E in your hand sanitizer will help moisturize your skin.

Good Luck!

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