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Upon entering GigaMall in Thu Duc, guests are immediately refreshed and cooled from the hot air outside. Not only because of the air conditioned environment, but also thanks to the scent from Kodo International.

Giải pháp tạo hương thơm độc đáo của Kodo tại GigaMall

Located at 240-242 Pham Van Dong St., Thu Duc district, GigaMall is an impressive structure. With 7 floors and 2 basements, its total floor plans reach up to 30.000 m2. GigaMall is a leading shopping mall in Vietnam, the first to utilize advanced lightings like LED Di.Crystal and interactive LED.

The shopping mall features the premium Coop Xtra, many home goods stores such as Daiso, Mumuso, Kohnan, Minigood... as well as well-known fashion and beauty brands such as Nike, Adidas, Skechers, Levi's, G2000, Hnoss, Juno, Ninomax...

Its sprawling food court include international favourites like Starbucks, Gongcha, Baskin Robins, Dairy Queen, Bread Talk, and local upstarts like Phúc Long, Highland Coffee, Fly Cupcake. The savoury choices come from Sumo BBQ, Kichi Kichi, Hotpot Story, Meiwei, Manwawh, Chang Kang Kung... and fast food choices like KFC, Pizza Hut, Texas Chicken, Jollibee... GigaMall has its own food service, Giga Deli and Giga Bakery, which feature a wide selection of cuisine, from Asian to Western.

After shopping and dining, guests then are welcomed to JP World, an 1,500 m2 center featuring state-of-the-art entertainment, interactive games and special effects.


The allure of GigaMall definitely stems from its vast array of shops and product choices. However, what customers do not realize is that they are drawn in by the refreshing scent from Kodo International, Kodo Miracle. This scent is carried to all corners of GigaMall thanks to the central air system.

The soothing scent invite customers to stay longer with GigaMall then they intend to. This is one of the secrets to retaining guests at GigaMall.


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