Vietcombank has chosen Kodo diffusers to help provide premium comfort for its patrons.

Máy Khuếch Tán Tinh Dầu KoDo Tại Vietcombank 

Vietnam has many banks, but one of the most wellknown, both for service, reliability and reach, is Vietcombank. Vietcombank services both personal customers and businesses, and its many branches are always busy during the day.

Beside international standards required of a bank, Vietcombank creates a sense of dependability thanks to its top-notch customer service. Not only is its team well-trained and well-dressed, even the locations are well taken care of. Vietcombank always make sure that its offices are located in a convenient, easily accessible area, in A-level buildings around the country.


The premium image of Vietcombank also comes from the use of fragrance at its offices. Vietcombank combined the strongest Kodo diffuser, Kodo2100, with the luxurious White Tea scent, to create a relaxing atmosphere at its Headquarter in Ho Chi Minh City, at 5 Me Linh Square, District 1. This scent create a refreshing atmosphere for customers from the hot weather outside, calms them while they are waiting to be serviced.

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