Awaken your customers’ appetite

  • In the food industry sales figures can be increased considerably by the targeted use of scents. Ultimately, our nose decides what we want to eat.
  • Scents have a direct effect on our limbic system and, by extension, our feelings. Using the powerful tool of scenting will make your products more attractive to customers.
  • Scent marketing has the greatest effect in the sale of food. You can communicate successfully with your target groups at the point of sale by using our special scent profiles to draw their attention to certain products / offers
  • Whether you are a restaurant or food retailer – our scent profiles help you to create an environment where your customers are happy to stay and shop

Effects of scent marketing in the food industry

  • The amount of time spent in your store and the number of spontaneous purchases can be increased significantly by scenting the retail space.
  • A custom scent profile sets your product apart from the competition.
  • Reduce disturbing smells (e.g. from empty packaging or pet food) to help customers experience your stores in a fresher and cleaner light.

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