A scent which motivates people is an investment which pays off

  • A decisive element in determining whether your employees remain awake and motivated or tired and exhausted is the quality of the air in the room.
  • Scent profiles developed by Kodo for work and seminar rooms ensure a clear and fresh room atmosphere in which your employees feel much better and gain a new sense of drive and energy.
  • Reliability and competence are the most important criteria by which customers rate their bank. As such, creating trust plays a decisive role in the management of a bank.
  • Scent profiles can create a positive and reassuring atmosphere in your consultation rooms where your customers make their most important decisions.

Effects of the right scent

  • A refreshing work environment enhances the concentration and performance of your employees.
  • A corporate scent offers you a unique competitive advantage by creating subliminal brand recognition.
  • Targeted room scenting can sharpen employee concentration and improve performance significantly.
  • A pleasant room environment enhances communication between your employees / clients.
  • Professional room scenting with natural essences can decrease the number of sick days your employees take.

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