The scent of Exclusivity.

  • In the hotel industry, first impressions count a lot. When a guest enters your hotel, the scent of the lobby determines his first impression.
  • This is because scents have a direct influence on the part of the brain which is responsible for our emotions.
  • Increasing numbers of hotels are capitalizing on this fact. They deploy scents to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Professional scent marketing helps welcome your guests and complete their stays in a particularly effective way because people who feel good in a given place are happy to return.

Effects of scent marketing in hotels.

  • The scenting concept by Kodo both increases the wellbeing of your guests and improves the air quality demonstrably.
  • In a fresh, pleasant room environment your customers feel better and are more likely to return.
  • Creating a custom scent for each of your hotels promotes the recognition effect and reinforces your brand.

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