Fitness needs to smell good

  • Most gym customers consider unpleasant smells to be an inevitable part of working out. Here professional scenting by Kodo can help you set your facility apart. Welcome your customers with a scent which they associate with freshness and cleanliness.
  • We have developed a special scent profile specifically for gyms. By using natural aroma oils, the sweat and body odor that builds up in enclosed spaces (e.g. a changing room) is neutralized and replaced by a fresh smell which stimulates the body for activity.
  • Elevate your brand image by creating individual room scent profiles. Customers recognize the special scent in each one of your branches and associate the pleasant effect with your brand of fitness in the long term.

Effects of scent marketing in gyms

  • Create a hygienic impression and your customers will perceive your space in a much more positive way.
  • In a fresh room environment, your customers feel better and are more likely to recommend you.

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