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Do you like Roses?

Do you like Roses? There are many secrets about this beautiful, luxury, and holds a soft, captivating perfume; so let us explore them together:

  • Roses smell different when they are in full bloom compared to when they are not in bloom
  • When the Rose’s environment is warmer, its smell will be a lot stronger.
  • The Rose’s fragrance will be stronger in the morning and will start to fade it goes into bloom.
  • Each individual rose has a unique smell even if they are the same type of flower.
  • Fragrance experts have to come and test the smells of the rose flowers before every harvesting season to ensure what price they should be sold at.
  • Every person’s rose perfume will smell different, or more exact, because each person’s olfactory sense is different, so the smell of the same perfume will be different to each individual.
  • The Rose is a symbol of Love and Romance. That is why the rose perfume is also thought of as a symbol of Love and Elegance.
  • Rose fragrance has been shown to help you relax because it brings you the feeling of satisfaction, making us breathe deeply and slowly.
  • The Rose fragrance oil is one of the most expensive oils. It is made up of 300 ingredients, and not all ingredients have a clear name.
  • Rose fragrance is similar to the taste of fine wine, it can be affected by the soil that you plant the roses in, the amount of water that it receives, and the way that it is treated.
  • 1 ounce (28g) of rose fragrance is made up of 50 to 60,000 roses, harvested by hand carefully.
  • You can smell a rose and compare it with a different smell. Just breathe in the smell of a newly bloomed rose, and guess what smell it is similar to. Some people say it smells like fruits, candy, or a spice because it depends on each person’s personality and taste.
  • The smell of burnt bread or coffee can be used as a sort of reset smell so when you smell different flowers, you won’t get mixed up.
  • At Kodo, we have many rose fragrances from different regions, all from the same type of flower but each has a slightly different smell. Get your own rose fragrance oil today to make your home environment more luxurious and a uniqueness that will be noticed from the start.

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