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California Fitness and Yoga Center

How California Fitness and Yoga Center use scent marketing to increase attendance and memberships at its gyms

Máy khuyếch tán tinh dầu

Gyms tend to be associated with bad smell of sweats, body odours, and gym equipments. However, members of California Fitness and Yoga Center are amazed by its gyms, as the atmosphere there is clean and fresh like a 5-star hotel! From Lobby, workout rooms, hallways, locker to the bathrooms... this scent permeates to bring about an impression of cleanliness.

What is California Fitness and Yoga Center’s secret? The Kodo International Fragrances diffusers.

All its gyms are equipped with not just one, but two diffusers – the KD310 and the KD810.

Why gym and fitness centers may lose customers:

A popular gym center welcomes hundreds of people a day. The workout reps create sweats and body odours. This scent disperses through centralized air conditioning system, and is mixed with the bathroom and locker smell to create a truly horrible stench. If the gym is not properly sanitized, the result can turn off members and decrease attendance as well as loyalty to the gym.

A strategically-installed, state-of-the-art diffuser can help solve this problem.

How essential oils can help gyms and fitness centers:

Traditional cleaning does not effectively sanitize the air. Only essential oils can do that. And the essential oils work even better when combined with Kodo diffusers. The waterless diffusers use ion technology to clear the air, masking bad odours, and creating a clean environment for your gym members. Essential oils can also create an energetic workout environment when coupled with great music.

Just like how to create a unique playlist for your customers, create a specific scent to help them remember your gym, your brand. This invisible impression will create long-lasting brand image, customer retention and customer loyalty.

Are you ready to build an amazing gym experience like California Fitness and Yoga Center? Contact Kodo International Fragrances now!

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